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American Bullies for sale

Welcome to Black Label Bullies, we always have american bullies for sale. We are one of the BEST kennels in the state of Arkansas and Oklahoma! My name is Joaquin Arroyos and we are a small, family-owned kennel located in Northwest Arkansas. BLB strives for good bone structure, loyal temperments, large heads and high performance. BLB strives for the highest quality of American bullies. It is not just a matter of pedigree, but a good balance of care, nutrition and socialization. BLB strives to make sure that none of the dogs we have or sale are aggressive in any way. BLB loves to educate people on responsibility of owning Bullies and other breeds as well. All of our puppies are well socialized around children and other dogs. Our dogs love attention. We hope to provide you with good pets, adequate companions, stunning show dogs and worthy protectors. We care greatly about our dogs and will not just sell to anyone. We do not support fighting, or any illegal activity.

I would be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have about any of our dogs or puppies. Thank you for visiting our website and remember to check back periodically as we will keep it updated as a service to you and your family.

We breed quality-not quanitity. The home of the "pet"-bull.

No dogs will be sold for any illegal purposes!!!!!!!!

"Special thanks to my lovely wife Megan for supporting and allowing me to follow my heart and do something I truly enjoy, and my kids Jordyn, Jaydin and Julian for allowing me to be the BEST dad in the world!"



Contact Information

Joaquin T. Arroyos aka KINO
Kennel Owner

Karol A. Chavez aka K.C.
 Kennel Partner




Anthony Gray - Professional Handler 502-457-7049